CO₂-free Hydrogen Energy Supply-chain
Technology Research Association

The association working towards creating a CO₂ free hydrogen energy supply chain comprised of hydrogen production effectively utilizing brown coal, transportation, storage and utilisation of hydrogen, and establishing and demonstrating the technologies to commercialise the supply chain around 2030.

The organization implementing the Demonstration Project for Establishment of Mass Hydrogen Marine Transportation Supply Chain Derived from Unused Brown Coal by NEDO (the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization)

The Vision of HySTRA
A Hydrogen Society, where hydrogen
is widely used in the same way
as petroleum and natural gas are
currently used

To realize this, firstly hydrogen will be produced from unused brown coal in resource-rich countries. Carbon dioxide (CO₂), a by-product of this process, will be captured and sequestered underground.
The CO₂ free hydrogen produced will be liquefied and transported in large quantities to user countries.
In order to realize such a hydrogen energy supply chain, the world’s first technology demonstration pilot project will be implemented in 2021. This will lead to the dawn of a Hydrogen Society.

Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain Pilot Project between Australia and Japan